Services For Establishing Your Internet Presence

What are the online services needed to establish an online presence and what should they cost? The ten services below will go a long way in making a complete internet presence for you. We offer each service individually, and can price them separately or bundled together for you. This can be discussed during our consultation with you.

Hosting Website Building
SEO Traffic
Logo Email Marketing
Social Media Video Marketing
List Building/Management  Opt-In Mobile SMS Text Marketing*

Description Of Services

  • Branding - we can design a Logo for you, build your Website, provide SEO (search engine optimization), Social Media management services from setting up your sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) to posting regularly.
  • *Opt-In Mobile SMS Text Marketing - through our online store we offer turn-key solutions. (Click here to see our online store for current prices). Professionals can use these solutions to instantaneously exchange information digitally via SMS text. A new contact can simply text your name, or other keyword - such as your company name - to 90210 (one of the most memorable short codes ever), and receive your contact information, website link, mobile website link, and/or whatever other information you'd like displayed in a response text on the client's smartphone. With this solution you may never have to have business cards printed again.
  • Customer Acquisition - we can help them find you easier in searches - SEO; we can generate Traffic to your Website and Social Media accounts, we can set up and enable List Building funnels for Email Marketing
  • Social Media management services are not offered through our online store. Businesses that would like for us to manage their total online presence - social, search, and branding - are billed by invoice. The standard monthly cost for our bundled management service is $2,500.00* (the cost of the mobile sms platform plan if selected is a separate cost). For our management services please click here to set up a time for an initial consultation (Note: No sales solicitations will be received via the form on this page. The only use for this form is for initial contact with our prospective clients). We will use the information you send us to prepare a Customer Review Report showing you what your current online presence is which will make our consultation time more effective for you. After consultation then together we will set campaign expectations and set up billing.


* For multi-location businesses this price is to manage promotion of the primary (or first) location. For each additional location for the same brand there is an additional fee of $750.00 per month.